Attention Members

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Fitness International, LLC ("LA Fitness") is acquiring substantially all of the assets relating to the co-ed Buffalo Athletic Clubs and Rochester Athletic clubs ("BAC/RAC"), with the exception of the CrossFit BAC Extreme Training Club on Union Road in Cheektowaga, NY. The CrossFit club and the Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs for Women will continue to operate under the BAC/RAC umbrella. Read More...

Refunds for Tanning, CrossFit, and Downtown locker rentals will be received within 10 days. If your refund is not received in that time, or for any other issues or questions not related to refunds, see the FAQ below. Click here to submit a customer service request or contact Amanda at 716-204-8880 / 877-516-3207.


Q. Why did the BAC/RAC sell to LA Fitness
A. We were approached by LA Fitness with an extremely favorable offer for the co-ed clubs. This sale would allow us to concentrate and expand on our Women's only clubs and programs. We felt that with over 50 co-ed clubs in the area the co-ed market has become over saturated. This will allow us to focus exclusively on delivering Fitness, Health and Wellness to the Women of Western New York at our Women's Only Clubs

Q. I use both the co-ed BAC/RAC and the Women's only club. May I still use the Women's club?
A. Female members have access to both the Coed clubs and BAC/RAC's Women's only clubs until January 31st 2014.

Q. What happens after January 31st 2014?
A. If you are a coed member you can make a request to LA Fitness to have your membership transfer to a Women's club. If you are a Women's club and wish to transfer your membership to a LA Fitness please contact Fitness First at 716.204.8880(Buffalo) or 877.516.3207(Rochester).

Q. I have paid for CrossFit/Tanning. How do I get a refund for unused sessions?
A. Your refund should be sent to you within 7days. If you do not receive your refund more than 7 days from the transfer, you may contact 716.204.8880 to see what the status of the refund is.

Q. I paid for personal training. Am I eligible for a refund?
A. LA Fitness will honor any unused training sessions. Any questions regarding a refund you need to contact LA Fitness.

The following common questions must be asked to LA Fitness, we do not have the authority to answer on their behalf.
Q. What are the future plans for the existing co-ed BAC/RAC's?
Q. May I transfer my co-ed membership to a Women's only club?
Q. I renewed my membership a few months back. May I get a refund?
Q. I have been a longtime member and I have a guaranteed renewal rate. Will they honor that rate?
Q. I am up for renewal soon at a co-ed club. What are my options?
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